Just Breathe For Family

Kids Yoga

Pre Natal & Postpartum Yoga

Tween/Teen AntiGravity Yoga

Fertile Ground

Baby and Me

Toddler and Me

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Just Breathe Heat

Hot and Gentle

Hot Vinyasa

Inferno Pilates

Hot Power Hour

Hot Power and Yin

Hot Express

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Just Breathe at the Barre

Barre Fitness Express

Mat Pilates

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Just Breathe the Peace

Essential Flow using Essential Oils


Psychic Sleep and Restore

Yoga Nidra

Mala, Mantra, and Meditate

Singing Bowls and Sleep

Relax & Release

CBD and Yoga


Cleanse & Energize

Create Your Zen

Self/Home Care

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Just Breathe for all

Warm Dharma Flow

Warm Effort and Ease


Slow Flow & Open Flow

Yin & Restore

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