Nikayla Mendoza

Align, Ground, and Flow, Open Flow, Beginner Hot Yoga, Vinyasa

Limitation breeds creativity

Classes you teach at JBY

Align, Ground, and Flow, Open Flow, Beginner Hot Yoga, Vinyasa

What inspires you off the Mat

The beauty of the transition into yoga off the mat- watching people become better versions of themselves through the lifestyle that yoga encourages. The energy of the people around me. The roaring and power of waves amongst the softness of sand. Pretty flowers. Healthy plants and vegetables. Good food. Good music.


Robin Appel Maida, Nicole Stumpf Amodia, Colleen Rubio

Nikayla Mendoza began her yoga practice about 5 years ago with the intention to get “in shape”. Throughout the practice, she found growth and acceptance not only in the physical but also in the mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies. Yoga is transformational. Nikayla’s main goal as a teacher is to be a support for you throughout your journey and create a place to come home to your mind, body and soul and allow yourself to reconnect.

YTT 200 Always at Aum, Hot Yoga, Reiki 1 and 2, Yin Yoga

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